Plot 10.700 sq.m. for sale • 118.000 €

Preveza (Municipal) - Zaloggos (Preveza (Municipal))

Property Features

Plot for sale, Zaloggos (Preveza (Municipal))
118.000 € (11 €/sq.m.)
10.700 sq.m.
Out of City plans
Immediately available
24/11/2022 02:47
East Midlands
Asphalt road

Οther features

  • Buildable
  • Facade
  • Angular
  • Electrically powered
  • Irradiating
  • Seaside
  • Suitable for investment
  • Suitable for country house

Advertiser description

For Sale Plot, Zaloggo, 10700 sq.m., Frontage (m): 91,96, Depth (m): 116 Good, Feautures: For development, Amphitheatrical, Out of City plans, Distance from: Seaside (m): 4000, Price: 118.000€
Zirogiannis Real Estate, Τel: 2106666690,

Property price history

Date Status Change of price Property price
02/11/2011 Initial entry - € 118.000

Map and points of interest

Location / Property Neighborhood

The Municipality of Preveza belongs to the prefecture of Preveza of the Region of Epirus and its present form is due to the consolidation of the former municipalities of Zalongos, Louros and Preveza, according to the Kallikratis program.
The Municipality has an area of ​​350km2 and a population of 31,733 inhabitants, based on the latest census of 2011.
The headquarters of the Preveza Municipality are the city of Preveza, which is also the capital of the prefecture.
The seaside Preveza is built opposite the historic Aktios, at the mouth of the Amvrakikos Gulf. It combines many beauties. To the west is the Ionian Sea with beautiful beaches, to the east is Amvrakikos with lagoons and to the north the Thertic Mountains. The rivers Louros and Arachthos run near the city.
The houses of the old city of the 19th and 20th century combine continental and Ottoman architectural elements, as well as the baroque rhythm of the Ionian.
In a part of the historic center called Seitan Pazar there is the Venetian Clock Tower. Other remarkable points of the city are the castle of Agios Andreas, Paliosaragas Ali, Hamam etc.
Many are the remarkable beaches, such as Monolithi, Mytikas, Agios Thomas, Pantokratoras and others.

North of Preveza is the ancient Nikopolis. In September of 31 BC, in the sea of ​​Actium, the Gaia's fleet Caesar Octavian flew against the fleet of Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra of Egypt. Octavian's victory rose to a new era, when the Hellenistic period ended and the Roman began. Nicholas was founded by Octavian as a memory of the victory, but also as a control point of western Greece. The city became a major commercial and transport center, even with its own mint. Octavius ​​granted her many privileges and tax exemptions. Nikopolis was adorned with imposing buildings.
For the visitor there are many attractions, such as Nimfeo of Nikopolis, the Roman walls, the Roman residence of Antoninus, the Roman theater, the Roman aqueduct, etc.

North of Preveza lies the historic Zaloggo mountain, which was identified with the Zalongos Dance in the Revolutionary years of 1821. The Souliotes, who had left Souli after the agreement with Turkish Albanian Pasha, had been fortified in the Zalongos Monastery. The deal was defeated by Ali Pasha, who chastised the Souliotes. The women of Soulioti, in order not to be captured, chose to fall with their children on the cliff of Zalongos dancing. In memory of their self-sacrifice, the Zalongos Monument, erected by sculptor George Zongolopoulos, was erected.

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