Plot 700 sq.m. for sale • 75.000 €

Nafpaktos (Municipal) - Paliopanagia (Navpaktos)

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Plot for sale, Paliopanagia (Navpaktos)
75.000 € (107 €/sq.m.)
700 sq.m.
Immediately available
24/11/2022 02:47

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  • Buildable
  • Facade
  • Angular
  • Electrically powered
  • Irradiating
  • Seaside
  • Suitable for investment
  • Suitable for country house

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For Sale Plot, Nafpaktos, 700 sq.m., Feautures: For development, Price: 75.000€
Zirogiannis Real Estate, Τel: 2106666690,

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02/11/2011 Initial entry - € 75.000

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The Municipality of Nafpaktia belongs to the Prefecture of Aitoloakarnania of the Region of Western Greece and its current form is due to the consolidation of the former municipalities of Nafpaktos, Antirrio, Apoditia, Platanos, Pylinis and Chalkia, according to the Kallikratis Program.
The Municipality has an area of ​​870, 38 km2 and a population of 27,800 inhabitants, based on the latest census of 2011.
The seat of the Municipality of Nafpaktos is Nafpaktos.
The city of Nafpaktos is located in the Corinthian Gulf between Antirrio and the estuary of Mornos. It is one of the oldest Greek cities, has experienced great acne and this is evidenced by the fortification that starts from its harbor and continues with three successive walls and ends up in the castle.
The history of the city is great and full of ups and downs. According to tradition, Nafpaktos was founded at the Dorian descent. Classical years were conquered by the Athenians, residents settled in Messinia and the area became a naval base against the Spartans. After the victory of the Spartans, the inhabitants of Nafpaktos left for Sicily and the area changed several rulers (Achaeans, Thebes, Macedonians, Aitolians). In the 4th-2nd century Nafpaktos was captured by the Romans. It was followed by Byzantine years, Slav raids, and raids by Bulgarians and Normans.
In 1204 Nafpaktos became part of the domination of the Frankish rule. The city fell into the jurisdiction of the Venetians, for a time it became part of the Greek despotate and in 1294 it came to the domination of Naples of the Anguilla. For some years there has been Albanian sovereignty for Nafpaktos to come back to the Venetians.
It was followed by the occupation by the Turks and at that time the ruins of Rio and Antirrio were built. For some years in the area, they were pirates, but again for a long time the Venetians returned. Definitely the city was delivered to the Ottomans in 1699. Nafpaktos was liberated and became part of the Greek state in 1829.
Nafpaktos has left its mark in history because its Nafpaktos Naval Battleship or Battle of Lebanon took place in its territorial waters between the Ottoman fleet and the naval forces of SacraLega, which consisted of the Spaniards, Venice, Pope and Italian Länder. The result of the naval battle was one of the most bloody in naval history. On the Turkish side, a hundred and sixty-seven boats sunk and eighteen thousand drowned, compared to twelve Christian ships and seventeen thousand men. The result of this naval battle was that the Europeans realized that the Turks were not invincible and the Greeks found the occasion for repeated revolts against the Turks. The naval battle also inspired writers and painters.
Today Nafpaktos is the financial and administrative center of the region, as well as a holiday center. It has luxurious hotels, beautiful beaches and lively nightlife.
The main attractions of Nafpaktos are its harbor with its two scenic towers at the entrance, the Venetian castle on the top of the hill, the Botsari tower, Agia Kyriaki, which is a forest area suitable for walking, mountaineering and cycling.

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