Apartment building 210 sq.m. for sale • 180.000 €

Piraeus (Municipal) - Limani (Piraeus (Municipal))

Property Features

Apartment building for sale, Limani (Piraeus (Municipal))
180.000 € (857 €/sq.m.)
210 sq.m.
Asphalt road
Immediately available
100 sq.m.
24/11/2022 02:47

Ιnterior features

  • Furnished
  • Safety door
  • Air conditioning
  • Double glazing
  • Loft
  • Fireplace
  • Internal stairway
  • Mesh panel
  • Alarms
  • Fire detection system
  • Structured wiring
  • High ceiling
  • Plaster roof
  • From side to side
  • Bright
  • Luxurious
  • Neoclassical
  • Playroom
  • Jacuzzi

Εxterior features

  • Elevator
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Storage room
  • Tents
  • Satellite dish
  • Boiler
  • Folding rails
  • Large balcony
  • Veranda
  • Garden
  • Pergola
  • Angular
  • Facade
  • Interior
  • Stone
  • Barbecue
  • Pool

Οther features

  • Access for disabled
  • No sharing
  • Night current
  • Pets allowed
  • Landlord's terrace
  • For commercial use
  • Preserved
  • Suitable for investment
  • Seaside

Advertiser description

For Sale Building, Piraeus, Limani, 210 sq.m., Loft: 30 sq.m., Ground Floor: 90 sq.m., In plot 100 sq.m., 3 Levels, Ground floor Floor, ]2 WC, Floors: Tiles, Building Year: 1970, Energy  Certificate: F, Distance from: Airport (m): 25000, Seaside (m): 100, Price: 180.000€
Zirogiannis Real Estate, Τel: 2106666690, www.zirogianni.gr

Property price history

Date Status Change of price Property price
05/02/2019 Initial entry - € 180.000

Map and points of interest

Location / Property Neighborhood

The Municipality of Piraeus belongs to the Regional Unity of Piraeus of the Attica Region, it has an area of ​​10,870 km2 and a population of 163,688 inhabitants, based on the latest census of 2011.
Piraeus is the largest port of Greece and the port of Athens.
It is historically believed that the first inhabitants came from the Neolithic age. Excavations show that the Early Geometric years existed in the small peninsula and the island of Stalida, settlement until the late geo-geometric years. At the point where the Nautical Club of Piraeus is today, there was the sanctuary of Artemis Mounichia. These years only used the harbor of Municia, the current Tourkolimano. The hill of Municia (Kastela Hill) served as acropolis and shelter.
When the 6th century BC, Cleisthenes assumed power in Athens, it unified all the inhabitants of Attica and imposed a division into 10 tribes that included 176 municipalities. At that time Piraeus and not only Municiach became a municipality of the Hippodrome race. The important position of Piraeus, however, with its three natural ports that could be used for the warship and for trade, was understood by the politician and general Themistocles, and for this reason when he became lord in 493-92 BC he started the fortification of port works. Themistocles organized the Athenian fleet, defeated the Persians in Salamis and raised a large fortification enclosure. Convinced the Athenians to complete the fortifications of Piraeus and Acropolis of Municia. This project was completed by Kimonas, where the construction of the Long Walls, the Faliraki and the North Wall, which ensured the communication of Atheos with the ports of Piraeus, took place. Later on and after Pericles' instigation, a third wall was built between the North and the Faliriks, the Southern Wall. Pericles commissioned the drawing of the city's design to the famous Hippodamus Milesios. The Peloponnesian War, but also the defeat of the Athenians by the Spartans, led to the use of harsh conditions for the Athenians, who had to break down the Long Walls, while the Spartans destroyed harbor facilities Later Conon rebuilt the fortifications of the two cities, the Long Walls and rebuilt the naval stations.
The Mouniah Hill could help the Athenians, but it also played a different role because anyone who conquered it, due to its important position, could become both Piraeus and Athens. This was done with the Macedonians who remained in fortified Munihia for 170 years. For a long time the commercial traffic of the port of Piraeus had declined. In 86 BC, the Roman general Sulla, after fighting, became the owner of Athens and Piraeus, which he destroyed. The Walls were demolished and the city of Piraeus was defeated.
During the Christian years (6th century BC), there was a small settlement in Piraeus. During the years of Frankish rule and Turkish domination, Piraeus was deserted. The Turks named the Aslan port and the sailors Porto Leone or Porto Drako because of a marble lion that existed at the northeast corner of the harbor. This lion was transported by Morozini in 1687 to Venice, which exists today. There is a copy of it in Piraeus.
Virtually Piraeus began to form from the 19th century on the basis of the architects' Kleanthis and E. Shcaubert. The reconstruction took place very quickly and the city of Piraeus was adorned with beautiful buildings.
The trademark of the city of Piraeus is the Municipal Theater, a sample of 19th century Greek architecture and one of the best in the Balkans. Piraeus has many neoclassical buildings, many of which have been renovated. Other important buildings in the area are the old Post Office (1901), the Hadjikyriakio Orphanage.
The Castle of Kastela is one of the most beautiful areas of the city with a panoramic view on all sides of the harbor. Pasalimani and Tourkolimano are full of entertainment or entertainment and attract thousands of visitors especially during the summer months. Piraiki attracts those who like walking by the sea. At the edge of the Piraiki peninsula is the building of the School of Naval Studies, the work of the well-known architect Ernest Ziller.
Piraeus is a very lively city mainly due to its harbor and has a very good commercial market.

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