Plot 2.421 sq.m. for sale • 72.646 €

Sparti (Municipal) - Farida (Sparti (Municipal))

Property Features

Plot for sale, Farida (Sparti (Municipal))
72.646 € (30 €/sq.m.)
2.421 sq.m.
Within Settlement
70 %
Immediately available
24/11/2022 02:47

Οther features

  • Buildable
  • Facade
  • Angular
  • Electrically powered
  • Irradiating
  • Seaside
  • Suitable for investment
  • Suitable for country house

Advertiser description

For Sale Plot, Farida, 2421 sq.m., Feautures: For development, Coverage Factor: 70 %, WIthin Settlement, Price: 72.646€
Zirogiannis Real Estate, Τel: 2106666690,

Property price history

Date Status Change of price Property price
02/11/2011 Initial entry - € 72.646

Map and points of interest

Location / Property Neighborhood

The Municipality of Sparta belongs to the Prefecture of Laconia, Peloponnese, and its present form is due to the consolidation of the former municipalities of Sparta, Therapnas, Mystras, Oinountos, Pellanas, Faridas and Karyon, according to the Kallikratis program.
The municipality has an area of ​​1181.78 km2 and a population of 35.259, based on the latest census of 2011.
The Municipality of Sparta is based in Sparta, which is the capital of the whole prefecture and its historical seat in Mystras.
Sparta is a modern city and is considered to have one of the best trades in relation to other cities in Greece.
It is a city with a long history throughout the centuries. The first habitation is believed to have taken place in the Neolithic years. Sparta is well-known for its Homeric epics and the beautiful Helen. Homer describes the city as majestic. The city played a leading role in both wars and alliances. The Spartans remained in history as robust soldiers with tremendous abilities.
Today Sparta is an administrative, economic, commercial and cultural center.
Sights of the area are the Acropolis of Sparta, the Sanctuary of Artemis, Menelaion, Amyklis and others.
Mystras is an outdoor open-air museum and for this reason Unesco places it on the World Heritage site. In Mystra the original selection of the place was made by the Franks who built a castle on the hill. In 1262 the fortress passed to the Byzantines, where a new settlement developed. The religiosity of the site is evident due to the many religious monuments and places of worship. Agios Dimitrios, the Metropolis of Mystras is a three-aisled basilica structure below and cruciform with five domes above. The Virgin of the Odigitria or Boss reminds of Constantinople architecture. Its second name is considered to be due either to the fact that the monastery was administratively independent and belonged to the Patriarch, or that a despot-master had been buried there. The church was founded in 1310.
Mystras was the capital of the Byzantine Despot of Mystra in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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