Large land 200.000 sq.m. for sale • 1.500.000 €

Chania (Municipal) - Akrotiri (Chania (Municipal))

Property Features

Large land for sale, Akrotiri (Chania (Municipal))
1.500.000 € (8 €/sq.m.)
200.000 sq.m.
Out of City plans
Immediately available
01/12/2022 17:01

Οther features

  • Buildable
  • Facade
  • Angular
  • Electrically powered
  • Irradiating
  • Seaside
  • Suitable for investment
  • Suitable for country house

Advertiser description

For Sale Agricultural Land , Akrotiri, 200.000 sq.m., Feautures: For development, Out of City plans, Distance from: Airport (m): 4000, City (m): 15000, Price: 1.500.000€
Zirogiannis Real Estate, Τel: 2106666690,

Property price history

Date Status Change of price Property price
17/12/2014 Initial entry - € 1.500.000

Map and points of interest

Location / Property Neighborhood

The Municipality of Chania belongs to the region of Crete and in its present form consists of the merger of the former municipalities of Chania, Akrotiri, Eleftherios Venizelos, Keramion, Souda, Nea Kydonia and Therisos, according to the Kallikratis program. This municipality is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece.
The municipality currently has 356.12km2 and a population of 97.364 inhabitants based on the 2011 census.
The headquarters of the municipality of Chania are Chania, a city-jewel, built on the ancient Cretan city of Kydonia, one of the three founded by King Minos.
Chania is famous for its monuments of high archaeological value, like the old Venetian harbor bustling with life all year round.
The Center of Architecture of the Mediterranean (Megalos Arsenali), which was built in 1585, is the last to the west building of the complex of 17 boats, where today it hosts a variety of events. The Venetian vines were built by the Venetians to repair their fleet in the winter.
Northwest of the harbor, the Venetians built the Revellino del Porto, an impressive fortification project.
The Sabbionara bastion, which maintains the Turkish name Koum-Kapi, is located northwest of the Venetian fortifications. On the front of the bastion there is a circular emblem with the lion of St. Mark and coats of arms.
The Minaret of Agios Nikolaos was built in 1320 by the Venetians as a monastery of the Order of the Dominican monks. With the conquest of the island by the Turks it was transformed into a mosque and was named HurgharTamazimi.
In the Venetian harbor is dominated by the Mosque of Kuchuk Hasan, an example of the 17th century Renaissance Islamic art.
The Egyptian Lighthouse of the oldest in the world is also impressive.
In the center of Chania there is the building of the Municipal Market with dozens of shops occupying 4,000sq.m.
In the area of ​​Akrotiri, just outside the city (there is the airport) there are tombs of the historical family of Venizelos.
In the bay of Souda (which is the port of western Crete), Ancient Aptera was found one of the most important Minoan-city states.

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